7 Designs In Snow & Ice: A Reason To Love Winter

by laraleslieyoung

Andy Goldsworthy has made his career designing with natural materials.  He photographs what he makes, and then lets his art disappear back into the land he built it from.  See what he does with ice:

Andy Goldsworthy Ice Sculpture Andy Goldsworthy Ice Star Lara Young, Lara L. Young, Lara Young Ringling

Orienteer and map surveyor Simon Beck stomps enormous designs into the snow at Les Arcs ski resort in France:

Simon Beck Snow Drawing Lara Young, Lara Young Ringling, Lara L. Young

A frosted window as ephemeral art by Ross Colin Monteath:

My family’s photo from a snow-sculpture contest in Breckenridge, Colorado:

Breckenridge Snow Contest