Enjoy A Little Bite of Brimstone!

by laraleslieyoung

My family loves to exchange strange (and even morbid) books. Weird or not, we think it’s really funny.

Every holiday, we hide gift cards or jewelry in the antique Mental Health Through Will Training by Abraham Adolph Low & wrap it up for someone.  Then it’s that person’s turn to hide something new in it for someone else.

Last summer, my mom found me some unique beach-reading for my birthday: Eternal Retribution! by William Elbert Munsey.  The cover design says it all; you hardly have to open the book to get the point.  The cover illustration is an acid-yellow lightning bolt zapping the hell (no pun intended) out of a benign-looking mountain.  Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t draw a hedonist or two on that mountain-top for effect.

My copy of Eternal Retribution! was purchased in 1967 by Reverend Bob Leuthold in Chelan, Washington. He took the book very seriously, vigorously underlining key passages and sometimes even adding exclamation points! (!!!!!)  See the cover image below & read some of the best chapter titles and quotes.  Enjoy your little bite of brimstone for the day!


Best Quotes

On Hell
“The best Hell we can promise is a world of ugly ruins shrouded in Night’s blackest pall, where no one of the damned has a friend, and filled with cursings and strifes, and where all ranks and sexes are herded in one promiscuous mob with foulest demons, and where every stinking cave is inhabited with fiend and gnashing ghost, and on whose black crags the ravens of despair sit and croak, and where God’s eternal justice plies His burning whip, and remorse lays on with His fiery thongs – the flashes of whip and thongs their only light, world without end.” – p. 77-78

On Eternal Punishment
“If [punishment] is not eternal, God is not, and the reward of the righteous is not. It is eternal as a matter of fact, and as a matter of right.”  – p. 69-70

On Backing Up Your Points With Facts
“I could elaborate, illustrate, and prove these propositions, and establish the truth of my thesis… if it were necessary.” – p. 70

Best Chapter Titles
O Eternity!
The Awfulness of Eternal Punishment
The Outer Darkness of the Eternally Lost
The Just Necessity for Punishment