Ghostly Footsteps Down the Hall

by laraleslieyoung

My roommate, Rex, is certain that our house is haunted because 7 of his friends have all seen the same ghost.  They describe her as a red-haired woman who returns to look after her long-gone child, rocking a ghostly cradle.  People have also seen her walking through a wall in our art studio, right where there used to be an exterior door.

I haven’t seen the ghost yet, but I’ve seen my fair share of odd shadows.  I used to get spooked whenever Rex would come into the room, convinced he was the ghost.

The odd thing I have to report is our uniquely creaky hallway.  Instead of creaking when you take a step, the floorboards creak behind you.  When you walk through our hall, it sounds exactly like someone is following you closely behind.

Note: All photos are copyrighted work by Laurie Coppedge, an illustrative photographer I met at a fair in Atlanta.  Ghosts are not her only subject, by far; I encourage you to visit her site and see all of her artwork.  

Laurie Coppedge Laurie Coppedge 3 laurie coppedge 4

Laurie coppedge, ghost photography, angel photography

All photography copyright Laurie Coppedge.