Modern Master Brian Dettmer Transforms Books Into Sculpture

by laraleslieyoung

A friend and I recently went to the High, an Atlanta art museum housing many famous works. These include Girl With A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer.  We walked through the building in the staid manner of typical museum-goers – until we saw a tiny book in a glass case. We stopped and stared, taking in every aspect of it, too stunned to be excited.  Every page in the book was intricately carved.  Together, the pages formed a sculptural modern masterpiece.

Every once in awhile, an artist reminds me why I devote my life to creativity and sets the bar higher.  This Atlanta sculptor, Brian Dettmer, is one of those artists.  Here are some examples of his work:

Brian Dettmer Brian Dettmer Map Brian Dettmer 7 Brian Dettmer 8 Brian Dettmer 1 Brian Dettmer 4 Brian Dettmer 3 Brian Dettmer 2 Brian Dettmer 5 Brian Dettmer 6 Brian Dettmer 7

Brian Dettmer Studio

This last image is a work in progress.  I thought some readers would be interested in seeing Dettmer’s process.