A Moment In Anita’s English Garden

by laraleslieyoung

I’ve never met Anita in person, but we have a relationship as artists.  A few years ago, she bought one of my paintings from an opening.  Then she gave it up for awhile when it got into Society of Illustrators in New York City.  We became friends online, and I’ve been admiring her English garden as it has grown over the years.  Take a moment to pretend you’re really there.

994282_10151763613608619_689859893_n Anita's Garden 2Anita's Garden 5010_111562108618_4716769_n 5010_111562098618_2971803_n 4920_110409273618_2655822_n4920_110409278618_5226287_n 4920_110409328618_3771716_n 4920_110409333618_2894564_n 5010_111562073618_5518662_n 5010_111562088618_670683_n 5010_111562143618_1883644_n 165147_10150107181533619_4031747_n