Do You Think This Fine Art, Visual Merchandising, or Design? (Post 2 of 3)

by laraleslieyoung

Voyeur Gina Thompson

Answer: who cares!

It creates a sense of wonder. Imagine walking through a suburban strip mall and suddenly seeing this installation glow so brightly that it makes you blink.  You (and everyone else) stop, stare, laugh, call your friends over, get up close, and post a bunch of pictures on Facebook.

If you’re lucky enough to walk by when artist-entrepreneurs Gina Somebody & Lucas Young of Voyeur Designs are there working, they’ll tell you that their room-sized installation is made from over 20 miles of white & colored yarn.  They light it up at night with enough black lights to host several huge raves.

The art community is arguing about this piece (and others like it). They don’t want to call it “art” because it was built to help sell an empty commercial space.  When did the definition of art cease to include work that serves a purpose? Why do we compartmentalize & limit our creativity this way?  I say that no one has a right to speculate on this until their “pure” art captures the public’s imagination the way this “visual merchandising” piece does.