Paolo Uccello’s Gothic Night Scenes

by laraleslieyoung

Paolo Uccello, 1397-1475 was an Italian artist and mathematician who famously combined Gothic color, design and pageantry with advanced visual mathematics. He was on the forefront of developing perspective drawing methods. At age 10, Uccello became an apprentice of sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. Later, he studied Geometry under Antonio Manetti.

He did not venture into Classical Realism, which was the fashionable style of his time. Instead, he created his own style. He created no school and had few imitators. His daughter, who was a nun, also became an artist. Today, there are no remaining examples of her work.

Below are three paintings depicting the Battle of San Romano. These are his most famous works. The fourth painting, Night Hunt, is his last known work. All images were provided by the Art Renewal Center.