Preston Singletary: Native American Glass Artist

by laraleslieyoung

Preston Singletary is a Tlingit artist who employs traditional forms and spiritual topics in contemporary art. The Tlingit are an indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest, known to themselves as “Lingit” or “People of the Tides”.

Rather than using traditional materials, Singletary uses glass. Glass allows him to use traditional form lines while adding, in his own words, “another dimension to indigenous art.”

Singletary often collaborates with other artists from traditional cultures, which “informs and inspires” his own work. The images shown below include collaborative works with Joe David and Lewis Tamihana Gardiner.

I only feature a small selection of his artworks here. To view more, please visit Preston Singletary’s website and blog.

skate 2012 spirit of a goose Spirit_Box_web_990_675 Red_Tail_Hawk_Shamans_Rattle_joe david blue crescent 2011 bonfire cluster of frogs Devilfish_Prow_lewis t g baskets chasing eagles 2013 moonlit swam 2012 killer whale treasure, 2014 Mosquito_web_990_675 mythic box 2014 sea wolf hat Shrine_Figures_and_Skulls_joe david shadow house Tlingit_Grizzly_Bear_Headdress joe david the waiting game Whale_Rider_lewis tamihana gardiner Tlingit_Killer_Whale_Bracelet_joe david water's shadow hat Vigilant Eagle, 2014 supernatural white wolves 2013 tall baskets xBreaching_Killer_Whale_995_664 into the woods 2013 bear man 2014 140320-201_312_468