Rare Art Using a Cold Glass Process

by laraleslieyoung

My neighbors, who are serious art collectors, introduced me to the work of glass artist Jack Storms. One of his sculptures holds a prominent position in their house. It sparkles under generous natural light.

Each glass sculpture by Jack Storms takes months to complete. Using a rare cold glass process, he finely layers pieces of dichroic glass using transparent epoxy. Upon achieving the light and imagery effects he desires, Storms then surrounds the luminous core he constructed with clear glass or crystal. Because the process requires so much precision, Storms uses the Fibonacci sequence or golden ratio to ensure that his work looks natural rather than mechanical.

Storms houses kaleidoscopic forms inside geometric shapes or shapes resembling familiar objects.
0jackstorms005 Jack Storms Egg 11034916_915696588470214_8874409014848235761_n Beveled-Cube-Glass-Sculpture-by-Fine-Art-Glass-Artist-Jack-Storms-7-500x320 11013121_915217208518152_8039391325231889603_n 10152375_911634908876382_4113628956989861215_n IMG_3929 12-Aerial-Sculpture-by-Jack-Storms-glass-designs-glass-art-contemporary-art-fine-art_f wine set JackStorms11