New Beautiful Era

By Lara Young

Rare Art Using a Cold Glass Process

My neighbors, who are serious art collectors, introduced me to the work of glass artist Jack Storms. One of his sculptures holds a prominent position in their house. It sparkles under generous natural light.

Each glass sculpture by Jack Storms takes months to complete. Using a rare cold glass process, he finely layers pieces of dichroic glass using transparent epoxy. Upon achieving the light and imagery effects he desires, Storms then surrounds the luminous core he constructed with clear glass or crystal. Because the process requires so much precision, Storms uses the Fibonacci sequence or golden ratio to ensure that his work looks natural rather than mechanical.

Storms houses kaleidoscopic forms inside geometric shapes or shapes resembling familiar objects.
0jackstorms005 Jack Storms Egg 11034916_915696588470214_8874409014848235761_n Beveled-Cube-Glass-Sculpture-by-Fine-Art-Glass-Artist-Jack-Storms-7-500x320 11013121_915217208518152_8039391325231889603_n 10152375_911634908876382_4113628956989861215_n IMG_3929 12-Aerial-Sculpture-by-Jack-Storms-glass-designs-glass-art-contemporary-art-fine-art_f wine set JackStorms11         


Preston Singletary: Native American Glass Artist

Preston Singletary is a Tlingit artist who employs traditional forms and spiritual topics in contemporary art. The Tlingit are an indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest, known to themselves as “Lingit” or “People of the Tides”.

Rather than using traditional materials, Singletary uses glass. Glass allows him to use traditional form lines while adding, in his own words, “another dimension to indigenous art.”

Singletary often collaborates with other artists from traditional cultures, which “informs and inspires” his own work. The images shown below include collaborative works with Joe David and Lewis Tamihana Gardiner.

I only feature a small selection of his artworks here. To view more, please visit Preston Singletary’s website and blog.

skate 2012 spirit of a goose Spirit_Box_web_990_675 Red_Tail_Hawk_Shamans_Rattle_joe david blue crescent 2011 bonfire cluster of frogs Devilfish_Prow_lewis t g baskets chasing eagles 2013 moonlit swam 2012 killer whale treasure, 2014 Mosquito_web_990_675 mythic box 2014 sea wolf hat Shrine_Figures_and_Skulls_joe david shadow house Tlingit_Grizzly_Bear_Headdress joe david the waiting game Whale_Rider_lewis tamihana gardiner Tlingit_Killer_Whale_Bracelet_joe david water's shadow hat Vigilant Eagle, 2014 supernatural white wolves 2013 tall baskets xBreaching_Killer_Whale_995_664 into the woods 2013 bear man 2014 140320-201_312_468

Nano Lopez: Roxy

Driving to a friend’s house, I saw a picture of this sculpture by Nano Lopez on a banner outside a large art gallery. I couldn’t wait to get home, look up the artist, and share it!

"Roxy" by bronze sculptor, Nano Lopez

“Roxy” by bronze sculptor, Nano Lopez

Plexiglass Meets High Design

SILIA, Ilaria Balduino Sartori’s luxury adornments company, uses Lucite (commonly known as Plexiglass) to create practical works of art for the home. SILIA pieces range from table settings to chandeliers. In SILIA’s designs, Lucite is often mixed with different materials such as ebony and gold leaf.

Pictured below are a candlestick and two boxes by SILIA. I curated them for their timelessness; they would fit into a home built in 1931 (the year Lucite was invented) as well as they fit into the design collections of today.


Paolo Uccello’s Gothic Night Scenes

Paolo Uccello, 1397-1475 was an Italian artist and mathematician who famously combined Gothic color, design and pageantry with advanced visual mathematics. He was on the forefront of developing perspective drawing methods. At age 10, Uccello became an apprentice of sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti. Later, he studied Geometry under Antonio Manetti.

He did not venture into Classical Realism, which was the fashionable style of his time. Instead, he created his own style. He created no school and had few imitators. His daughter, who was a nun, also became an artist. Today, there are no remaining examples of her work.

Below are three paintings depicting the Battle of San Romano. These are his most famous works. The fourth painting, Night Hunt, is his last known work. All images were provided by the Art Renewal Center.


Olympic Horses: Life-Size Paper Sculptures by Richard Sweeney

w400-11676213331FpwJ (1)
w400-11676213331N7X7 (1)

Torkil Gunadson’s Hothouse Color Series


torkil gunadson, hothouse torkil gunadson, hothouse torkil gunadson, hothouse

Torkil Gunadson is a New York based fashion photographer from Denmark. In these photographs, he brought out the colors of the plants using filters. 

Goodwill Find of the Century: A Golden-Age Illustration by Charles Edward Chambers

The other day, my friend and I were out in the middle of nowhere, Georgia. We had to find a restroom, so we went into a Goodwill store. We decided to look around while we were there. My friend found a black-and-white illustration in a decaying frame that he assumed was a print. Since he thought it was a great image, he decided to buy it for $7.00. I loved it so much that he gave it to me.

After taking a closer look, I found that it was an original oil painting on board by the renowned Golden Age illustrator Charles Edward Chambers. He painted it in December of 1900. C. E. Chambers is now trending with collectors and is a Pinterest and blogging favorite. He goes down in history in the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame in New York City.

I am sending this painting to a museum so that the public will have access to it. Museums that collect work like this include Society of Illustrators Museum of Illustration, the Art Institute in Chicago (where Chambers went to school), the University of Michigan Museum of Art and the Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art.C E Chambers, Charles Edward Chambers
C E Chambers Woman
C E Chambers Man
C E Chambers Signature
C E Chambers Board
C E Chambers Date

Star-Like Paintings by Barbara Takenaga

Fine artist Barbara Takenaga’s paintings are inspired by tessellations, boundlessness, infinitude, and childhood dreams about the origins of the universe. Takenaga grew up in rural Nebraska and got both her BFA and MFA at the University of Colorado at Boulder. 
barbara takenaga downward

barbara takenaga

barbara takenaga


Light Sculptures: L’art De La Radiance by Makoto Tojiki

L'art de la radiance 2

makoto tojiki, installation art, lighting designer, modern art, japanese art